Saturday, May 20, 2006

JCiP best-selling book at JavaOne!

Java Concurrency in Practice was the best selling book at the JavaOne bookstore!


  1. Hi Brian,
    Been waiting for this book a month or so, and discovered the cover has changed! Why? -- I did very much like the former one.

  2. The cover on Amazon was a "placeholder" cover, which the art department mocked up quickly in order to have something to put in the Amazon database. The order of authors was wrong, so it needed to be changed anyway. As to the change from bees to trains, I can't exactly say why the bees was rejected (color balance? some people don't like bugs?), but the trains idea was chosen because trains can run on parallel tracks and thus move things around concurrently.

    I liked the bees, but I like the trains too.

  3. Hi Brian,

    I am sending this message from India.

    Is a "Low Priced Indian Edition" planned for in the near future?

    - Mahesh

  4. No idea about a LPE, but you should contact Addison-Wesley's India subsidiary to find out.

  5. I pre-ordered and received a few days ago. I'm just a few chapters in but I wanted to say the book is great!

  6. I registered to access it from safari books online for 45 days. But it does not work. Is that feature disabled?

  7. I am not sure about that. I think there might be some delay getting it into the Safari database -- last I looked, it was not there yet.