Sunday, September 10, 2006

Farewell Quiotix, hello Sun!

I've been self-employed for fifteen years; I founded Quiotix in 1992 to pursue some short-term consulting opportunities after getting laid off from my last job, and I never looked back. I like the flexibility, and I don't mind the stress of not knowing what my income is going to be in any given month. I like not having to ask permission to take a day off, or buy a new monitor, or attend a conference that looks interesting. So in the past, when offered full-time positions, my response has usually been "Why would I want that?" (This can be very perplexing to someone offering you a job; they're used to getting a very different response.)

So, those of you who know me well may be a little surprised to learn that as of September, I will be joining Sun Microsystems as a Sr. Staff Engineer / Technical Evangelist in the Java SE engineering organization. I'll be involved in a lot of things, including a lot of the same things I've been doing as an independent -- like writing technical papers on JVM internals and speaking at conferences. I'll also be involved with the Java SE engineering, QA, and education efforts. I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty busy.

To the customers, colleagues, business partners, and employees I've worked with at Quiotix, I offer thanks for fifteen good years and the best of luck in the future.


  1. Dear Brian,

    As a Java developer, I can only rejoice to the news that you will soon be a Technical Evangelist inside Sun. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to this platform.

    All the best.


  2. Congrats on the new position, Brian. I've enjoyed reading your publications and hope to continue enjoying them coming from you at Sun.

    Will you be doing the monthly thing like you were doing for IBM?


  3. I will continue to write for developerWorks, but probably not as often -- I'll be busy...

  4. Good Luck!

    Hopefully you'll be given the power to do good.

  5. Congrats! Make sure and keep publishing, and come back out to the NYJavaSig!

  6. Great news, Brian! Glad to hear it.

    I attended a presentation you gave at Google NYC a while back for the NY Java SIG (and spent a good bit of time picking your brain after the presentation too) and was very impressed with your deep knowledge of Java concurrency issues. It's a real coup for Sun to bring you onto their Java team and a huge win for us Java developers too.

    Congrats, and best of luck with the new gig!