Monday, June 4, 2007

Flying has its upsides too

I was in New York yesterday for my great-aunt's 90th birthday party.  The party was over at six, and our flight wasn't until 11, but we figured that New York was a pretty good place to pass a few hours, so we weren't worried.  But as the party was ending, it started to rain pretty hard, so we decided to just pack it in and head to the airport, even though JFK isn't the most fun place to kill a few hours.

Wandering around, I passed a half-asleep fellow camped out behind his laptop and thought "That looks an awful lot like Doug Lea".  And it was -- he was on a six hour layover on the way home from Amsterdam (yuck).  Usually the surprises you get at the airport are of the unpleasant variety, but not always.

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